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conjoncture 2018

1-The world economy in 2018

The situation in brief

The year 2018 paves the way for growth for all the major economic blocs of the world that are America, Asia, and Europe. The large debt that has held back the economic recovery of several countries since the recession of 2008 still leaves some traces but the situation is now considered less problematic beacause of favorable global financial environment and recovery in advanced countries. The table below shows the evolution of global growth by block size since 2016. It also presents the forecasts of the World Bank and the International Monetary … Lire la suite

November 2016 Transportation by barge as an alternative to intermodal transport

Use of transportation by barge

The systems of transportation by barge have long been used as an alternative to land transport. This mean of transportation is competitive to trains and trucks. In addition, it significantly allows the reduction of the environmental footprint of the transport of goods.

There are two major segments in the market, long and the short distance.

Long-distance is used in large rivers, such as Mississippi, Rhine, Danube and St Lawrence in transporting the goods from one end to the other of the continents.

This system is competitive to trains and trucks, but its performance depends greatly … Lire la suite

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