The new World Maritime is a site that aims to provide strategic information to companies in the maritime sector. Records are written by professionals in the maritime industry, by economists, analyses of markets and specialists in the management of organizations. The convergence of these expertise enables the development of a vision and set of development guidelines.

Why this site?
With the opening of our economies, the competition is no longer on our doorstep. Industries are today globalized and new paradigms based on development or searching for information are developed.

In this same context, the information, if it is really strategic, can report wholesale, as much if not more than any other types of investments, be they infrastructure, research or the development of new products. Information is the basis of everything: in the development of a business plan, conducting market studies, and the development of a strategic vision.

An offer of business intelligence
Based on the premises of an 'information economy' this site meets a crying need of enterprises to obtain strategic information. The information are not only sought among the best sources, but they are also sorted, summarized and analysed to guide decision making. This same concept of business (Business Intelligence) intelligence represents a market growing: from research firm Gartner estimated the rate of growth of the industry of business intelligence to 8.7% for the period from 2006 to 2011, to reach $ 32.6 billion in the United States.

We want to meet your expectations
Present articles linger to explain the factors of growth of the marine industry and are oriented to decision-making. If you be interested in these articles, if you want to discuss, or simply to know us, we will be pleased to share with you. You can reach us at the address below.

Louis Bellemare